Alaska town has cat for mayor

Alaska town has cat for mayor

Stubbs is unique politician

Now this is just an insult to the Good people of Talkeetna. As my readers know i have been looking to get voted mayor of sheshalik for months now i find out a Cat…. A cat has been voted mayor of Talkeetna… Should i have started in there in my campaing to bcome mayor rather than this Cat stubbs i challenge you to a political debate. Sure you have the style poise and popularity but i might have the conversational skills to beat you… notice i say might… nothing is a sure thing in mayor elections expecially in alaska…
vote my cat mayor

mayor cate stubbs voted in alaska. cat voted mayor in alaska

so if a cat becomes mayor then so should I……ahhhhhhh!  my lifes work down the drain by a feline oooooohhh the humanity!!!!!

The cat’s out of the bag on the secret to this small Alaska town’s success: a mayor with four paws and a whiskered grin.

so whats next a bear for president….. a beaver heading up the UN …. make me mayor of sheshaik alaska fast and i will take the cat out of politics… this mayor is a hoax… I hear he was caught licking his bits in public…..

thats right licking his bits and playing away wit a one eyed tabby called george…. Yest stubbs is gay and into wierd cat sex… you heard it here firs

‘Stubbs’ is a part-Manx kitty who happened upon the Talkeetna political scene 15 years ago when voters – disenchanted with their mayoral candidates – launched a write-in campaign. manx cats belong in the isle of man booooohhhooooo!

The cat won over the town of 900 people and though his title is merely honorary, he is credited with spawning a blitz of attention that elevated the city to its current status as a tourist destination.

Out-of-towners still stop in every day to visit the furry feline at the general store, where the ageing politician spends most of his days lounging around


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sheshalik alaska still havent made me mayor. Im a bit annoyed. I brought a good painr of glove as i guess it gets snowy sometimes

again i aim to be the first personal development guru of sheshalik alaska and thats no easy feat. Considering they are all so brilliant and dont need psychological interventions such as those in new york.

martin loves sheshalik alaska


    • Sishoalik [Sheshalik] camp facing south 1952.
making love not war sheshalik alaska on my mind

weather in sheshalik

weather in sheshalik is a great source of concern for those outside of the know how can it get so cold and yet people survive and thrive?

I’ll tell you why – cause the people of sheshalik are a sturdy bunch of super stars –  thats why

when you live in somewhere so cold you learn to sleep when your body wants to sleep

you know that one wrong mistake and your toast ( really cold toast)

weather conditions alaska are nothing for the good people of sheshalik alaska – they look the cold in the eye and laugh at its bitter grip. So sturdy are these people that global warming will not touch them. while the rest of the world is sinking beneath a sea of waste the people of sheshalik will be gods among men. They are so tough russia dare not invade even at the hight of the cold war. The russians came walking along saw with 1000s of troops looked the sheshaliks in the eye and ran away scared. Even knocking down a wall and giving up its empire.

This is why i want to become mayor of shesalik alaska.

This is why when they say ” a man from a little town in ireland cant be mayor of a town in alaska” i look them in the eye and summon the strength and determination of the people of shesalik…

they faulter and run

love you shesalik- yyou rock


map of alaska

weather map alaska

weather in the states

Sheshalik Alaska – Rocks

Hi fellow Sheshalikians…. Although ive never been there i believe you all Rock…

Let me introduce myself – i beleive no-one person in the world is born in their natural spot and we all must search the world high and large for our own mecca..

Sheshalik – Alaska is my mecca.

Throughout my life i have wandered the globe constantly – (on the internet) looking for the one spot where i could lay my hat build a cabin and call home (hopefully somewhere with a domino’s) Sheshalik – Alaska must be that place…

I am a 33 year old – university graduate – looking for a place to lay my hat and call home.

Born in Northern ireland in 1978 – and living throught the troubles (to my great surprise )i find myself with a strange goal… to become Mayor of a town ive never stepped foot in..

Back here in ireland where life is so cold – and all anyone talks about is the weather i feel we can connect ( as all searches for sheshalik seem to indicate little sign of life coupled with alot of weather related information.

Like me you probably sick of talking about the weather – people in africa rarely mention how damb hot it is so lets forget the cold – open up – and make me mayor.

My many skills include a bssecon in International Politics, a short career in the police service, many fine irish whiskys and a number of uneventful relationships with girls who are a now lesbians…


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